May 31, 2020

“Where Two or Three Are Gathered …”:

What I have Learned from Sunday Worship at Home

As most of you already know our congregation will begin to meet together next Sunday morning, June 7, 2020. After more than two months apart we will once again be gathering together and worshipping together at the church building (within “social distancing” guidelines, of course). So, today is the last Sunday of required separateness.

So, what have I learned in these past weeks about my worship of God on Sundays? (Maybe pause here and think about this question for yourself before reading further.) Here are the three key things I have learned:

First, when necessary I can effectively worship God on my own (or in my small family group). The sound of hundreds of voices singing together sure is grand, but my own single squeaky voice is certainly enough for God to be glorified. I can share my own prayers, read my Bible for myself and remember the death and burial of Jesus through the unleavened bread and fruit of the vine, all on my own – if necessary.

BUT … second, it just isn’t the same as joining with others to worship and praise God. There is an experience from being together that transcends our separate worship times. I love to hear others pray and others sing and others laugh with God’s joy in their hearts. It fills my soul when I experience others with filled souls!

So … third, I am going to cherish our “gathered” times more than I ever did. This forced break (in March, April and May) has given me a renewed appreciation of what being together really means! I intend to be more thankful for our combined worship than I was earlier. I plan to be more thankful for our “togetherness” as we worship. I intend to listen better, focus better and love better … because I have experienced the “separateness” of worshipping alone. Alone is okay, but – for me – together is much, much better!

I pray I get to see you (and worship with you!) next Sunday. And all the congregation said:  Amen.

Ron McQuinn


May 31   (Sun) Plaza Bible Study suspended until further notice

Jun 1  (Mon) Ladies Prayer and Fitness suspended until further notice

Jun 1  (Mon) B-12 7pm in the Fellowship Hall

Jun 2  (Tue) Ladies Bible Class suspended until further notice

Jun 2  (Tue) UCBI Class suspended until further notice

Jun 3  (Wed) Bible Classes suspended until further notice

THANK YOU Thank you, God, for answering many prayers throughout the life of my dad, Gene Catterton. For all of his adult life he loved you and served you. In the last 4 months he struggled to walk and talk, but he was never in pain. He could still play games (and win). He died peacefully in his sleep on May 4, at 92 years old. Thank you, church family, for the 50 cards and many phone calls. I have been blessed to be born into the Catterton family and born again into God’s family. Judy Thomas

STAYING ENCOURAGED with good Bible teaching: “World Bible School” videos “In Search of the Lord’s Way”

LESSONS ON SUNDAY can be found on our website and our Facebook page each Sunday beginning at 8am. They may also be viewed at any time after that.

WAYS TO CONTRIBUTE an online PayPal account has been established. Go to UCCC’s webpage and click on “about us” and you’ll see a link called “contribution” and you can contribute online or mail your check to the church building. Weekly Budget: $16,602; Last Week: $5,603

YOUTH GROUP NEWS Thanks for those of you who joined this past Wednesday for Bret’s Zoom Devo. It’s so important to stay connected during this time, but even more so to stay spiritually connected! YG, Parents & Elders: please RSVP by Wednesday, 6/3 to come socially distance while we honor our three graduating seniors at a SENIOR BRUNCH on Sunday, June 7th after church services end – $5/person. Encourage graduates Matthew Eisenson, Noah Olivero and Jonathan Pinkston through your attendance. Otherwise, please plan to drop off a congratulatory card to each graduate for delivery at the brunch; or, contact the church office for their mailing addresses. It’s so important to show some Christian love & support as they continue into independence.

BLESSING BAG MINISTRY is a great way to provide a little help to those who are in need. Needed items are: toothbrushes, band aids, lip balm, multipurpose wipes (for body cleansing), individually packaged trail mix, beef jerky, slim jims, new socks/gloves, small note pads, pens, small combs, travel size sunscreen, toothpaste, lotion and food coupons and gift certificates. You can drop them off at the church building 8:30-noon Monday-Thursday.

PANTRY IS RESTOCKED: Thank you to those who have dropped off food for our food pantry. Bags have been assembled and are available to those in need. Items we include in the food bags are: boxed mac n cheese, Jello, canned corn, green beans, peas, fruit, soup, stew, meat (tuna, chicken), pork n beans, spaghetti sauce, spaghetti noodles, peanut butter and jelly. Thank you for your generosity to this ministry. If you know of someone in need, please contact the church office and a bag can be made available.


1 Peter 5:2 “Be Shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care…”

Faith is being sure of the things we hope for and knowing that something is real even if we do not see it. How real is heaven to you? I trust that your faith is sufficient, that you live every day KNOWING that heaven is a place already prepared and waiting for your entrance. Keep the faith.

Lendon Suggs

Private prayer with an Elder(s) is available down front following the closing song or by appointment.

Please remember our sick and shut-in with cards, visits or a phone call and keep them in your prayers.

Hospitals: (this past week)

Special Care Facilities:

Mary Banks, Annetta Beazlie (under Hospice Care), Onley Bowers, Ernestine Courtney, Mary Jo English, Katherine Guttery, Joan Jaudon, Jodi McKim, Lanelle Waters, June Wiles, Virginia Witt


Donald Allen, Ann Bresnyan, Sandra Brooker, Jan Carr, Chuck Gatton, Yvonne Griffin, Douglas Guntor, Brooke Hinckley, Larry Hood, Faye Jonas, Larry Jonas, Carol Massey, Chris Payne (broken ankle), Bennilene Pennisi, Peggy Sedlacek, Bob Stancliff, Debbie Turk, Rick Worley, Ruth Wyatt, John Zylinski.

Prayers for the safety and strength of all those in harm’s way serving our country and community.