Zambia signFor many years, the University City church has supported Roy Merritt and his work as a fulltime missionary at Namwianga Mission located in Zambia, Africa. The Mission has three main goals: to share the gospel, to establish congregations of churches of Christ, and to train church leaders. The Mission also has a number of secondary purposes, including caring for orphans, caring for street boys, providing food relief, and providing medical care. Over the past 15 years, several UCCC members participated in the Medical Mission at Namwianga Mission.
Under the influence and direction of people such as Peter Masiya, the Dow Merritt family, the Alvin Hobby family, Dr. George Benson, and Namwianga Mission, the church has been solidly established in Zambia for the past century. Since 1980, there has been more than a 500 percent increase in the number of churches established in Zambia with an estimated attendance of over 80,000 people. Namwianga Mission has played a vital role in this exciting growth.

Currently, the Mission supports the following programs: six basic schools, two secondary schools, George Benson Christian College, a vocational center, a farm, a Church Development Center, four orphan care homes, street children care through Eric’s House, several outlying medical clinics and the Rural Health Center at Namwianga, and a number of other medical mission efforts, including the Zambia Medical Mission held each July.

Behnke_Zambia_Medical_MissionIn addition to the support provided by UCCC, there are ways in which individuals can help the work in Zambia. There are student’s to be sponsored — those who would not otherwise be able to afford an education or learn a profession; there are bicycles to purchase so that our Zambian brothers have some means of transportation for going out into the rural areas to preach; there is orphan formula to buy to feed those whose mother’s have died; there are opportunities to support the building of needed facilities on the Namwianga campus; there are Bibles to purchase in the native language of the Zambians to be used in outreach campaigns; there are Christian teachers and church development leaders to support so that they will be able to go out and preach the Word in Zambia; there is the Rural Health Clinic to continue to build and equip until it is a fully-functioning hospital; and there is the Zambia Medical Mission to support, including monies for medications, equipment, and supplies for the annual July campaign.

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The Havens -- Caring for Children at the Namwianga Mission