UCCC webpage update / 2024 / Namwianga Mission, Zambia

Namwianga Mission, Zambia

For many years, the University City church has supported Roy Merritt and his work as a full-time missionary at the Namwianga Mission in Zambia. The Mission has three main goals: to share the gospel, to establish congregations of churches of Christ, and to train church leaders.

The Mission also supports six basic schools, two secondary schools, the George Benson Christian College, a vocational center, a farm, a Church Development Center, four orphan care homes, street children care through Eric’s House, several outlying medical clinics and the Rural Health Center, and the annual Zambia Medical Mission which reaches hard to reach rural areas.
For more information about the Namwianga Mission, go to: www.zambiamission.org
Facebook users: www.facebook.com/zambiamedical

Students at Namwianga Mission, Zambia.