Lads-to-Leaders / Leaderettes (“L2L”) is a component of the Youth Ministry at University City Church of Christ.  Children in grades 3 through 12 may participate.  “L2L” was created more than 40 years ago with the vision of training young men for leadership positions in local churches.  The program has further expanded to include activities for young ladies as well.  “L2L” became a part of the UCCC ministry in 2005.

Students in the “L2L” program receive training and mentoring in activities such as song leading, public Bible reading, preparing and presenting a message, learning how to script and present a puppet show with a Biblical theme, Bible study, and learning how to prepare a scrapbook of memories.

Service to others is also a central part of the “L2L” experience.  Throughout the year, “L2L” participants may be involved in a variety of activities such as cleaning yards or garages or conducting a carwash for the elderly; making cards and cookies or preparing fruit baskets and caroling to shut-ins at Christmas; or hosting a tea for widows and widowers.

The annual regional convention in Orlando, Fla., is a big event for the “L2L” program.  At convention, participants can test their knowledge and skills against other students their age, including participation in Bible Bowl competition.

“We as UCCC parents share the ‘L2L’ vision of raising our children to not only know the word of God, but to help them build their own faith — faith that will help them go out into the world confident in what they believe and with the ability to defend their faith.  We believe the ‘L2L’ program can help us accomplish this goal, while the children are having fun and learning God’s will for them.”  — Kirk Kinsman, UCCC “L2L” leader and parent.

For more information about UCCC’s Lads-2-Leaders Ministry, contact Kirk Kinsman at gatorL2L@aol.com.