UCCC Building

In the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, various individuals in Scotland and in the United States, very much independent of one another, began a movement now known as the Restoration Movement. Their goals were diverse, but paramount was the desire to get behind layers of tradition which had accumulated through the years and to return to the apostolic teaching of the primitive church.

Eventually members of this movement made their way to Gainesville, Florida, and what is now known as the University City Church of Christ was founded in 1897. Members met in homes for the first decade until a meeting house was constructed in 1907 on East University Avenue next to the current location of the downtown branch of the public library. The congregation grew and moved to a new home in 1955 in the building which now houses the Salvation Army on East University Avenue.

Continued growth allowed the church to build new facilities at its present location in the early 1980’s. A Centennial Celebration was held in November 1997, celebrating a century of worship and service to God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, and a century of serving the community of Gainesville. Amen!

What to Expect

If you visit us for a worship service on Sunday morning, you can expect to be greeted warmly and to be asked to join us in worship. We have prayers to God, a cappella congregational singing, and a sermon. We observe the Lord’s Supper every Sunday, and also provide it on Sunday evening for those unable to attend on Sunday morning. There is a collection to fund our various ministries, but as our guest, you are not expected to participate in this family activity. A weekly bulletin is published to tell of congregational activities, and on the back side of it you will find an order of worship for each Sunday morning service.

You will find that we are made up of a typical cross section of our community with people of all ages, races, educational backgrounds, and professions.

We support numerous works in the community, such as a men’s and women’s prison ministry, a substance abuse recovery ministry, a Bible-based recovery class, and we support local cancer respite and homeless facilities.

In addition to the local ministries, we support missions in Zambia and Honduras. We have also provided support in Costa Rica and Miami.

While we are not perfect, we have a perfect Lord to whom we are devoted. We invite you to visit with us and get to know us. We think you will find us to be a friendly, Bible-believing group of Christians striving to serve our Lord.

Facilities Request

The facilities of the University City Church of Christ may be made available to members and UCCC ministry groups. Requests for use of the facilities must be made in writing via the UCCC Facility Request Form.

Facilities Request Form (updated).pdf

Assistive Listening Available

We have personal assistive listening devices available in the auditorium.
Please ask a greeter for assistance.