CARE Groups at UCCC

CARE groups are as integral part of family life at UCCC.  CARE is an acronym for Communication, Action, Relationships, and Encouragement.

UCCC’s CARE groups help us grow closer together as a church family by helping put our faith into action.  Through our involvement in these groups, each of which represents a cross-section of the congregation, we spend time in fellowship, we serve others, we reach out to our community, we meet the needs of our church family, and provide encouragement where and when needed.

Each CARE group meets as it deems necessary to meet the goals, responsibilities and needs of the group and its members, but there is always communication within the group.

Each group shares in supporting certain specific UCCC ministries on a rotating basis, such as:

  • providing a bi-monthly meal to the clients of the HOPE Lodge, where out-of-town cancer patients and their families can find respite during their treatments in Gainesville;
  • providing dinner each 5th Monday for attendees of UCCC’s B-12 meetings, a Bible-based recovery program;
  • providing a monthly meal for clients at the St. Francis House, a facility for temporally homeless individuals;
    setting up for UCCC’s monthly 3rd Wednesday fellowship dinner;
  • making our local visitors feel welcome by reaching out with a card, call or visit; or
  • just being a “friendly face” as a greeter on Sunday mornings before worship.


The groups also conduct “Helping Hands” projects for UCCC and community members who have a specific need, such as cleaning up a yard, small painting projects, or moving to a new location.