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Here’s a preview of coming attractions in our O.T. Bible readings – this week you will read the amazing account of Moses’ glowing face (Exodus 34:29-35)! It happened on Moses’ second visit to God on Mount Sinai – after he had broken the first set of stone tablets. While on the mountain, Moses asked to see God’s glory and his request was granted! Moses saw the goodness and glory of God from behind – not God’s face, but more like His back! Talk about a close encounter! No one had ever seen so much of God before!

When Moses came down with the Ten Commandments, his face glowed! The reason? “Because he had been talking to God.”  At first, Aaron and the tribal leaders of Israel were afraid to approach him, but Moses reassured them and they gathered around the man with the glowing face. Moses then relayed God’s words and commandments to the Israelites. Then Moses covered his face with a veil. Remarkably, this didn’t happen just once, but “whenever Moses went in before the Lord” (into the Tent of Meeting). So, Moses would go in, remove the veil and spend time talking with the Lord. He would come out with his face glowing and would relay God’s words to the people. Then he would cover his face until his next visit with God. But what the Old Testament account doesn’t tell us WHY HE COVERED HIS FACE. No problem, the New Testament does tell us …

In 2 Corinthians 3:7-16, we learn that Moses covered his face to keep the Israelites from seeing the FADING GLOW on his face. That’s right! He didn’t veil his face because its glowing was a scary thing to look at, or that it might blind someone – it was because Moses didn’t want the people to be discouraged when they saw the fading of that glory! Paul makes two points from this incident – one is about the inferior, fading Old Covenant of Moses versus the better, brighter New Covenant of Christ. The other point is about us – that as New Covenant Christians, we can come before God with open, unveiled faces and live before the church and the world “unveiled.”  That’s because our glow isn’t fading, it’s getting brighter and brighter! 2 Corinthians 3:17-18 explains that as we spend time with the Lord, contemplating His glory, we shine with ever-increasing brilliance – “from one degree of glory to another”! This is a vital work of the Holy Spirit – to keep us glowing and growing!

So, brothers and sisters, if your “glow” is fading, take a tip from Moses and spend some time with the Lord – in prayer, in His Word, in worship, in fellowship – let the Holy Spirit make the glow in you grow, not fade. Then we can be more of what Jesus called us to be – “the light of the world”!

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